Storm-damaged Spruce tree removal in Guildford

Storm-damaged Spruce tree removal in Haslemere

Qualified Tree Surgeon in Guildford recently we received a call from an elderly woman. She was based on the outskirts of Guildford and was concerned that one of her trees had “moved” in the recent high winds and asked if we would mind coming to look. “Of course,” I responded and managed to get over there on my way home that evening.

The offending tree (Norway Spruce) had indeed moved. Infact the only thing that had stopped it from completely falling over was the barn it was teetering on and the mass of ivy that encased all three trees. 

Is Ivy harmful to trees?

There is much discussion regarding whether or not Ivy is harmful to trees, with many people arguing its importance for conservation and habitat. The additional weight is of course a factor, and the dense nature of its growth also restricts wind flowing through the tree, thus making it more likely to fail in adverse weather conditions. Regardless of ones position on Ivy, one thing for sure is that it prevents any meaningful way of carrying out routine safety inspections, often obscuring defects in the stem of trees.

Dangerous tree removal in Haslemere

Aside from the obvious Barn In the way, we had an oil tank at the base and the septic tank just to the left. Getting a crane was not an option either, access was too limited on the track down into the farm, so it would have to be pieced out by hand. Never mind, we like a challenge and after spending a while looking at it, I was confident that we could get it done safely without anything being destroyed In the process!

Trees safely rigged down

Before we started the client had decided she wanted all three of the spruce out, fearing for the barn’s future safety. The weather was on our side this day, so we worked stripping the Ivy off the three Spruce trees first. Once we could see what we were doing, we employed various rigging techniques to safely control the descent of limbs and rounds over the various hazards. As expected, the job was challenging, but one of the most enjoyable we have had the pleasure of doing in recent months.

After a brief discussion about wood burners and firewood, I convinced the client to keep the wood and use it as a source of heating next year. Much to my own demise, as I had been eyeing up the wood all day for my stove at home. A bad reputation plagues softwood for firewood in this country, and much of the reasoning behind the reputation is unfounded. We’re scheduled to go back next month with our mobile firewood processor to ensure the client has seasoned firewood ready for winter next year.

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