Crown Thinning

Native Forest provides professional crown thinning in Surrey and Hampshire. This technique selectively removes branches to reduce crown density, allowing more light to reach the ground and wind to pass more freely through the canopy.

How does crown thinning benefit your tree?

Crown thinning is a specialized technique used to reduce the density of a tree’s crown by removing a proportion of the foliage-carrying branches. This involves the strategic removal of branches, including those that are covered in ivy, dead and diseased, in order to adjust the shape and balance of the canopy.

The result of this process is that more light beneath the tree, allowing the undergrowth to thrive. Furthermore, reducing the sail area of the canopy will increase the trees ability to withstand strong winds. With careful and specific attention to detail, crown thinning is an effective way to improve the overall health, appearance, and vitality of a tree.

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Why Native Forest?

As experienced Arborists we’re equipped with the necessary skills and modern equipment to ensure that we can take on any tree pruning task.  Rest assured that when you engage us, you are accessing top-notch services that prioritize safety, quality, and professionalism.

More information is available on the below link. This resource is free, and a useful tool for understanding certain tree work terminology and definitions.