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Native Forest offers forestry contracting services that focus on low impact, sustainable woodland management across Southern England.

Why choose Native Forest?

We offer comprehensive Woodland management solutions, ranging from woodland creation and large scale commercial planting to timber marketing and Sawmill services. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to work on delicate sites with minimal ground disturbance, while ensuring sustainability remains a top priority.

Woodland Management

Developing a woodland management plan is crucial for attaining your financial, quality, and diversity goals in an organised manner. We work in close collaboration with you to establish your objectives and create a multi-year strategy to accomplish them. 

Our extensive experience in working with private woodland owners and estates ensures the creation of ecologically diverse forests that also deliver a profitable return. Properly managed woodlands can thrive even with low yields, which is beneficial due to the rising demand for biomass.

 We manage all aspects of woodland management, eliminating the need for any outsourcing.

Timber Harvesting

 A well-managed woodland incorporates long-term crop rotation to yield superior produce while preserving the ecosystem and creating optimal conditions for wildlife. 

Our contracting service covers all types of timber harvesting, from mechanized harvesting to manual felling on steep or inaccessible locations. for softwood plantations or ancient woodland.

Native Forest has a  proven track record of providing low impact forestry services to Sites of Scientific Interest, ensuring ground compaction & disturbances are kept to a minimum.

Ride Maintenance

Rides are a network of established tracks across the woodland, specifically designed to facilitate timber extraction. In addition, they provide an ideal opportunity to enhance a woodland’s ecosystem and offer easy access for recreational activities for the general public 

Failure to manage them appropriately can result in encroachment of scrub and trees, hindering access for timber machinery, the public, and causing adverse effects on the local wildlife that thrives in grassy, open habitats.

Native Forest has a range of modern equipment that enables us to undertake regular ride maintenance. 

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