Ash Dieback Removal For Alfold Parish Council

Ash Dieback

Back in January we were contacted by Hardwood Landscapes to remove 5 hazardous Ash Trees located at a communal park in Alfold. The scope of the job was simple, get the trees down and site cleared so they could finish the landscaping works. For whatever reason the trees were allowed to grow up around BT cables, which meant we’d have to cut and hold most of the wood. Rigging wasn’t really an option, due to the compromised nature of the trees and the access wasn’t wide enough for a MEWP.

The new pathway had already been partially installed on site, so we were under strict instruction not to damage the metal edging. We worked in some challenging winds and rain to keep to the planned schedule, as expected the job went as planned and we were done in two days. We even had enough time left over to do a little bit of deadwood removal on some of the other trees in the park. Some of the wood was left to create habitat piles, we removed the rest and processed it into firewood.

Can Ash be used for firewood without seasoning?

This phrase is commonly circulated around the winter months. However, sadly it’s not true if you’re wanting to comply with the current government guidelines on burning firewood. While it is true that Ash generally has a lower moisture content then that of other hardwood species, you’d be extremely hard-pressed to find a living Ash with a moisture content of below 20%. Provided freshly felled Ash has adequate airflow and shelter, there should be no reason why it can’t be seasoned and ready to burn within a year. We sell firewood, that’s moisture checked before being dispatched to ensure you receive a quality product that burns efficiently as possible.

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