Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding in Surrey & Hampshire.  We ensure complete removal of the stump and its main root ball, thus leaving the area ready for re-planting or re-use according to your preference.

Why choose Native Forest?

Native Forest offers comprehensive stump grinding in Surrey & Hampshire. We utilize cutting-edge tools to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.

As experienced professionals, we understand it’s vital to remove the stump and root ball, ensuring nothing begins to regrow. 

Our priority is to ensure that your property looks neat and tidy, and we use specialized machines that guarantee minimal disturbance to your landscape.

Finally, we love what we do! Therefore, we tackle each project with the highest safety standards and take pride in our workmanship. Ensuring you get the best possible service.

Limited access stump removal

We are pleased to offer a range of modern stump grinders carefully designed to meet the unique access requirements of your garden. Our pedestrian stump grinder is a perfect choice for areas with limited access, as it can easily fit through a standard garden gate. It makes light work of most stumps and ensures your garden remains intact. 

Our more powerful, tracked stump grinder is ideal for larger stumps and more challenging environments. To safeguard the integrity of your garden, we use ground matting when using tracked machinery. We understand the significance of your garden, and that’s why we assure you of our commitment to providing the highest standards of service.

Will it damage surrounding trees?

In certain circumstances, stump grinding may not be a viable option as it can pose a risk to nearby tree roots or subterranean utilities. Eco Plugs, however, offer an efficient solution to prevent the regrowth of stumps by effectively killing them off.

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