Dangerous trees on commercial properties.

Professional Arborists and Foresters | Tree Surgery | Native Forest
Professional Arborists and Foresters | Tree Surgery | Native Forest

Landlords & Facilities management.

If you are a commercial landlord or facilities management company, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of those living and working on your complex. One area that can often be overlooked is the management of trees on your property. Therefore, we would recommend getting advice from an experienced Arboricultural company who will identify any potential risks or hazards a tree poses.

Having an assessment on potential hazardous trees on your property and the risk they pose is critical. These risks can include falling branches or even the entire tree, which can cause property damage or even harm to individuals. With that in mind, it is essential to take proactive measures to ensure your trees are healthy and well-maintained.

Services offered to commercial clients.

We offer a range of services and solutions to commercial clients. From site inspections with in depth tree inspections & reports, to pruning, reductions and complete tree removals. For a complete view of what we can offer you, visit the link below.

What Services Do We Offer?

Choosing a qualified & professional company.

Tree surgery is inherently dangerous, but businesses are not required to be regulated or a member of a professional body. Sadly, this means there are companies whose teams may not be properly trained, whose works may not be carried out to a high standard and whose working practices could pose a Health & Safety risk.

We have years of experience and a team of qualified professionals, who undergo regular training and development. This ensures we’re constantly up to date with industry best practice methods. We are experts in tree surgery and management and offer a range of services that can help keep trees on your commercial property healthy and safe.

About Native Forest

Based just outside Haslemere covering Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Native Forest is a small and friendly team of professional arborists and foresters with years of training, education, and real-world experience in the field. We’re efficient enough to tackle large, complex jobs with ease, yet small enough to ensure a high quality of work is maintained. View our services >>

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