Crown Reductions

Crown Reduction involves a planned  reduction of a tree’s branches, resulting in a smaller crown that matches the natural shape and form of the tree. This technique is intended to promote the health of the tree while simultaneously keeping it safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Why choose a Crown Reduction?

If you’re experiencing issues with excess shading or excessively larger or failed  limbs that may be endangering structures, we offer reduction services that are tailored to meet the situational needs.

By reducing the overall size of the tree, we can minimize the sail area and help protect against exposure to wind, greatly reducing the likelihood of limb failure.

Furthermore, pruning can increase the light that reaches surrounding areas, contributing to the overall health of the ecosystem.

This service can included as part of a tree management plan, ensuring Health & Safety compliance around public areas or for general maintenance of your trees.

Will it damage my tree?

Pruning, when done correctly, can benefit many types of trees. However, it is not suitable for every species. Therefore, we recommend seeking our professional advice before making any decisions.

We’re highly knowledgeable about crown reductions and can guide you to make an informed decision that will be in the best interests of your trees. We understand which species can tolerate reduction, how they respond to pruning, and how frequently it is necessary.

Contact us to discuss options or request a free quote.

If you’d like to find out more information on pruning and reducing your trees, or even if you have a suitable species, then please feel free to check out our free guide.